Our Story




For some people, it’s about what label is on the back of their shirts, or whether their shoes came from one of those flavor-of-the-month designers.

But for the people you don’t hear as much from—the ones that are there always but who let you know about it rarely—the question means something different. They’re the people that put their all into their work every day … the ones who protect our neighborhoods and fight our fires because it’s their jobs. Who understand that pledging allegiance to a flag means a commitment to the ideas it represents, and that your family and friends, not the money you make or the things you own, are your true legacy. They’re all around us, a majority, and their values aren’t silent—in fact, they wear them every day. Their love of country, of family, and of faith are worn on their sleeves, and on their shirts, hoodies, and hats. They honor the sacrifices of those who have come before them, and remember that their rights come from above, not from men. They shape the moment they’re in to fit their values, not the other way around.

American-Made Apparel Companies (AUSAM) was created to outfit the bold activities of patriots everywhere. That spirit of boldness is what drove millions to travel a world away to settle a wilderness and build a shining hilltop city. It’s what gave our founders the courage to experiment with an idea called freedom, and what drove the farmers, the factory workers, the inventors, and the dreamers to blaze their own trails in places where no one else had tread but where others would follow after. It’s what carried our warriors in battle on the beaches of Normandy, the rice patties of Vietnam, and the sands of Kandahar and Fallujah. It’s what made America an industrial giant, and what helped a business that began in a computer  programmer’s garage transform the world. It’s why main street businesses across America refused to let a recession, even a great one, close their doors, and it’s what drives the young father to balance work, home, school—and fatigue—to create a better life for his family. It’s the spirit that will reopen rusted-out factories in Granite City, Fairfield and Lorain, that will show the world that our small towns are more than something to be flown over, and that will help our generation redefine what it means to be “self-made”.

It’s about honoring where you’re from, and always looking ahead to where you’re going, knowing that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your own destiny. That’s what our clothes mean to us, and that’s why we wear American-Made Apparel.